Top 918kiss, SCR888 mobile online casino Malaysia games

The Malaysia Online Casino gambling industry is becoming quite popular, thanks to the continuous updates in the casino games designed by some of the famous games providers, such as Playtech, Evolution Gaming & many others. Perhaps this is the reason that nowadays over ninety per cent of the human population is looking forward to enjoying some quality time in the casinos. They revel in the thrill of the games and trying their luck out to win some of the highest jackpot prizes.


And in any trusted Malaysia Online Casino, it has become more imperative for the gamblers to look into the casino live dealer games, 4D lottery, and so on. It is quite an exciting experience to learn how one can play the same game over mobile applications while being at any place. Now, you won't have to walk into the casinos, stand in the queues for too long, and start having a headache because of the overrated noise.


All about the 918kiss application


This is perhaps the Best Online Casino Malaysia application, and that's the reason why gamblers love to play games on this platform. To say that 918kiss, formerly known as SCR888, offers customer-centric service would be an understatement because almost all their services are for satisfying the players to an infinite extent.


Here are some of the reasons why this is one of the best native casino application!


  1. With the 918kiss application, you can easily play a variety of games, starting with slots to poker and other games. This is why in Malaysia it is known as the gambler's best friend. Here, you can also play games that are dominating the gambling market and some who are still new.


  1. 918kiss provides a secured payment gateway from 96star. So, if at any point in time while playing the game you make any transaction, you can easily handle them. The site has partnered with most of the banks, which are indeed quite popular within Malaysia.


  1. Here, you can enjoy the versatility of the gambling world with an enhanced interface. As a user, your experience with the application will be indeed amicable. 

96star- a new native mobile gaming platform is a dominant player in the Malaysia online gambling market with a vast array of games which aren't just limited to the slots or the regular table games.


Here, you will get the opportunity to play the latest games like the live dealer online casino baccarat, live roulette, and even live blackjack, Sic Bo and more. With so many options, you must be lured in for their charm and their characteristic features. Many of these games do not even need a special app like 918kiss to play on mobile. The technology used by 96star allows you to play most of their games directly using your iOS or Android device.


They have this uncanny ability to keep the players engaged, even if that means playing a game repeatedly. Their all-around customer service and reliable partnerships with some of the trusted games' providers are some of the facts that can never be ignored.


Most popular games on 918kiss native mobile casino app

  1. Highway Kings

It is no doubt that the truckers of the highways of the US are very much popular or the movies based on their lifestyles. But to see a slot game based on the same is something which can be termed as a sheer extravaganza. Playtech is the designer of the game, and the masterwork can be seen in the way the game excites the gamblers. Starting with the design, here you will get five reels and only nine pay lines. Well, this might seem to be somewhat too simple to play. It is the jackpot in reality, which draws the players to play on the native mobile casinos.

  1. Safari Heat

The land of Africa has always been in the limelight for the games' providers. In this game, you will have the real-life experience of how the African territories look like along with the lifestyle. Even the lion king is representing the wild symbol, which is meant to give you more wins than the conventional ones. Of course, Playtech has designed the game in a way where you can revel in the thrill that usually the safaris provide. Only a single bonus round is there in the form of the free spins. Fifteen free spins are there in the game, and each time you will land a winning combo, you will get a 3x multiplier.

  1. Panther Moon

Designed by Gameplay Interactive, this slot game has won millions of hearts from all around the world. You know the almost non-existing black panthers are one of the most adventurous creatures who love to lurk on the earth's surface with the chests puffed out. So, a slot game based on them is going to attract a lot of gamblers from all around the world. This is also one of the highest paying games, where you can win 900,000 coins by landing five of the panther symbols. Fifteen free spins will be awarded in the game from where you can earn more.

  1. Steam Tower

Net Entertainment has been on the rise since their establishments, and perhaps that's why their slot games have been on the top. They are known as the moguls of the gambling world. Steam Tower is one of their best creations, mainly because here you will get a combined theme of Victorian style with fantasy elements. Five reels are there in the game along with fifteen pay lines. Free spins will be given in the base game, which will help you to win more. During the Malaysia online casino promotions, you will come to know about the best features of this online slot game.

  1. Monkey Thunderbolt

Monkey Thunderbolt is the latest addition to the Malaysia Online Casino, and with the way the Gameplay is unfolding itself is a wonder. The sacred monkeys in the game are going to offer some of the best prizes that you can get anywhere. This online slot game has some of the best graphics that will make you wonder how to leave the game at the end of the day.


If you are looking forward to get indulged in the online gambling era, then it's time to look for trusted Malaysia online casinos like 96star or online casino apps like 918kiss. Look for how the best slot games are raging the market with thrill and exhilaration. If you want to know more, find out what the reviews have to say.