Trusted Malaysia Online Casino with the best games

Online casino websites and mobile applications are rising in popularity among the entertainment category. Nowadays, people can get the full experience of going to a casino and playing fruit machine games and dealer games, at the comfort of their own houses. There are a plethora of Online Casino Malaysia slots and other live dealer casino games like blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette in these online casino websites. There has been a consistent increment in the number of these sites and apps as more and more people started to bet and gamble online instead of actually going long distances just to find a casino.


Building trust for a Casino

It is very crucial to trust an online casino website before signing up and actually betting on it. Due to the popularity of this concept of online betting and gambling, there have been a lot of fake and scamming websites which might pose a threat to your bank account and possibly hack it when you try to deposit money. This is why one must reassure the authenticity of an online casino website before trusting them with your money. One such trustworthy and reliable online casino website is This website not only assures secure transactions but also has an unsurpassed working customer service and trusted game providers as their partners.


Bank level security

96star is secured by SSL technology, similar to what banks use to secure client’s password information when logging in to their website. You can see this by the lock icon next to the website address on your browser. This ensures that all information is encrypted before it is sent to the site to prevent hacking.


Fast and secure money deposit & withdrawal

Whether you want to deposit money into your account on this website, or you want to withdraw your rewards and payouts, assures fast, safe, private and very secure transactions. The site ensures a hassle-free procedure for depositing and withdrawing money to improve your gaming experience on the website. Even large transactions are quickly paid using multiple bank accounts.


24/7 Customer Service

The site has a 24/7 working customer service to solve all your enquiries and problems whenever you have them. If you have issues regarding depositing money or withdrawing your payouts, or site loading problems, or any other queries, just log on to their customer service live chat to resolve the problem immediately.


Partnership with trusted partners

The game providers that are the most genuine and trustworthy in Malaysia online casino promotions are the ones that are in partnership with this site. Therefore, you can be assured that you get the best of games and slots that provide you with entertainment as well as some extra cash.


Native Mobile gambling apps

There is an app for almost everything nowadays; from watching movies to setting reminders to playing games, everything has a number of apps for them, and hence everything can be done via our phones, including gambling. As casino websites started becoming popular, new native mobile gambling apps were introduced. These apps let you have the top online casino Malaysia right in your phone. With a native gambling app, you can play and gamble in the very best slots and live dealer games by a touch of your finger. There are a lot of gambling apps in the app store, and for this reason, you might get confused about which ones to download and which ones to avoid. So, here are a few of the top native mobile gambling apps that have the best slots:


1) 918kiss: The 918kiss app has few of the best slots from Malaysia Online Casino, which are very entertaining. Previously known as SCR888, this app is known for its secure transaction methods and a good collection of slots. With popular slots like Highway Kings, Great Blue, and Wukong, 918kiss a.k.a SCR888 is a very prominent app in the online casino industry. It has a plethora of Online Casino Malaysia slots that are very popular among gamblers.


3) Joker123: If you are looking for an app which has a wide variety of slots and online live dealing games, Joker123 is your pp to go. Not only does it provide an assortment of slots but is also compatible with several mobile platforms.


The Best Games

There are a lot of games on the online website casino Here are a few of Malaysia Online Casino best games:


1) 4D

One of the most popular and favourite pastimes in Malaysia and Singapore for gamblers is the 4D Lottery. This particular lottery has almost become a part of the culture of Malaysian residents. Bettors try and form patterns to choose the correct number in order to win a lucky hand on the lottery prize. 4D is a one-stop betting site for gamblers as there are no small or big bets. The betters of 4D2u choose an available number from 0000 to 9999 and by the corresponding tickets and wait for the 4D results. The 4D result is revealed at 7:30 pm every night. The anticipation and the excitement for the results alone will give you a reason to bet in this popular lottery game over and over again.


2) Highway Kings

Found in the best online casino Malaysia, Highway Kings is a 5 reel slot developed by Playtech. The slot has simple graphics with an impressive Return to Player percentage of 97% and a high paying maximum win of 10,000 times the initial betting amount. The highest paying symbols of this slot are the trucks. The green truck pays 1000 for 5 in a row, the yellow truck pays 5000x, and the red truck pays a staggering 10,000x the bet.


3) Archer

Found in the several Malaysia Online Casino, Archer is another fantastic slot by Playtech. The theme features a male archer called Robin Hood, and the graphics and imagery of the slot are very realistic and appealing. The slot has a matrix consisting of 5 reels and 3 rows and 243 ways to win pay lines. The slot portrays the story of Robin Hood in the reels via symbols like Robin himself, Friar Tuck, Maid Marion and the Sheriff of Nottingham and high card symbols. The reels overlook the beautiful background of an orange sunset sky with forests and lakes.


4) Baccarat

Baccarat is very popular among the Online Casino Malaysia slots. This game found exclusively in casinos of the French nobility is now available at the tip of your fingers, right in your phone. The game is available on many online casino websites including and has live dealers that the players get to interact with. With straightforward gameplay, this is one of the favourite gambling games among players.


5) Roulette

Another favourite game among players worldwide that is worth mentioning is the game of roulette. Named after the French word 'little wheel' roulette consists of a wheel of numbers spin while the betters choose which numbers to bet on. A ball is spun in the opposite direction of the wheel to determine the winning number and colour. Roulettes are very popular when it comes to living dealer games on casino websites. is a credible and trusted Malaysia online casino that lets you play your favourite online slot games modestly, without any restrictions. To get a better winning edge as well as bigger jackpots, check out our review for Malaysia online casino games with the best payout.